Essay: Police and Government officials Targetted

17 Oct

Essay: Police and Government officials Targetted

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The police and government officials have been targeted by these evil elements in order to hinder the fight against crime. One key security problem facing the law enforcement agencies in the USA has been the illegal drugs which have been brought into the country from Mexico and the opposite flow of drugs and fire arms into Mexico (Costello and Wiles 2001). The focal point in this problem is the cartels, which direct, organize and manipulate the flow of drugs, firearms and money.

Crime rate that has soared especially in the border regions has led to a slump in tourism hence reducing the revenue available to municipal authorities. This has led to reduced spending for the police departments hence impacting negatively on their effectiveness. This has left departments understaffed and has had to leave open positions  as well as reduction of ranks through layoffs while others are unable to replace their dilapidated equipment, buy the needed guns, establish the needed communications systems or even the soft body protection armor (Tucker, 1996). (Tucker, 1996).

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