Essay: Possessing disease causing Microorganisms

17 Oct

Essay: Possessing disease causing Microorganisms

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Culprits of such activities have obtained very lenient punishments that do not deter them from carrying on with their trade. Inability of the legal systems to give strong punishment to such offenders in one way or the other encourages bioterrorism. The law has also failed to establish institutions legally allowed to handle such material. Handling equipments are readily available to any one despite the fact that they may be obtained by wrong people.

Many under ground businesspersons have claimed to poses such microorganisms for commercial purpose. It turn out that they are the suppliers of the same to ill-minded people who use them to kill. The law has fallen prey to such claims of economic gains thus compromising public security. Institutions such as learning forensic ones do not posses the legal authority to exclusively handle dangerous pathogens. This has made handling of the same so obvious by many entities due to the blanket law allowing handling of these pathogens.

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