Essay: Uneasy relationship between rich and poor in Athens

19 Oct

Essay: Uneasy relationship between rich and poor in Athens

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He compares the constitutional government with the relationship between a woman and a man, whereby a husband and father exercises authority over the wife and children freely. By using the family relationship as an example, Aristotle claims that in most constitutional states the citizens do rule and be ruled by turns. It is therefore, the distortion of these principles that gives birth to revolution (Clayton, 2004).

Aristotle realized that the uneasy relationship between the rich and poor, or the aristocrats and peasant was like a time bomb waiting to explode. And exactly, this is what is happened when conflict broke out between these opposition groups causing political instability in the cities. The peasant had to revolt to in order to free themselves aristocratic oppression which demanded them to pay too much money, for cultivating the land and failure to pay, they were bound by their creditors. This oppression went on until the time of Solon (ISN, 2007) who emerged an important figure in the fight against oppression. His coming brought changes to the lives of oppressed peasant who were known as (Pelatae and Hectemori) because they survived by cultivating the lands of the rich (Kenyon, 2009).

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