Essay: Types of performance appraisal methods

19 Oct

Essay: Types of performance appraisal methods

Sample Essay

It is evident from various corners that there are a number of different performance appraisal methods and approaches to the Colibran Institution current performance appraisal system problem.

My recommendation narrows down to the 360degrees feedback appraisal method since it involves personality ratings, peer review, and upward evaluations; feedback is sought from everybody and it facilitates employees’ with  a possibility of learning how they are held by others; to see their expertise and techniques; and may progress communications between employees. An innovative system does not only increase the performance of the staff, but also facilitates them to work collectively, with common goals and fewer obstacles. It helps employees to remark on others’ performance and perceive predicaments without restraint. For Colibran Institute the 360 degrees feedback appraisal method is the only best solution for its current appraisal system woes.

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