Essay: Relationship between patient and therapist

20 Oct

Essay: Relationship between patient and therapist

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Full analysis of the problem is achieved during this process because of the fact that the therapists usually isolate the problem from the individual. This isolation not only enhances the relationships between the patient and the therapist because it enhances inculcation of objectivity in the same. As such, the therapist is able to treat the patient irrespective of the ills that are manifested through the problem.

Additionally, the fundamental assumption made during this process is that the individual has the competency and ability to overcome the distanced problems that influence his or her life in various ways (Mary, 2003). Objectivity ensures that the therapist capitalizes on this patient’s capability in order to achieve maximum impact.Moore(1992) argues that the externalization of the problems makes the therapist to be able to evaluate them fully and come up with viable ways of how they can be addressed.

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