Essay: The Relationship between Spirituality and Gothic Architecture

19 Oct

Essay: The Relationship between Spirituality and Gothic Architecture

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Gothic architecture was a technique of architecture applied on structures inWestern Europe, at some point in the Middle Ages. Significant aspects of the technique are pointed arches, ribbed vaults as well as flying buttresses (Scott, 2003, p. 113). The relationship between spirituality and Gothic Architecture was that the Gothic cathedrals were high-ceilinged, with arches and art work that attracted ones attention upward to accentuate the relation to heaven. When one looked up the ceiling, the inspiration was that he/she was looking toward God; this also kept away evil from the houses and churches.

The sculptures, the beautification, stained glass windows in addition to wall paintings portrayed Bible stories such as how God created the world and how Jesus was crucified to save us from our sins. On top of the main door was often a sculpture of Jesus on a throne, judging the people of the Earth (Warton et al, 1808, pp. 95-125). A lot of pictures as well as sculptures were there to be reminiscent to people about righteous living for the reason that they never know what will happen next. Carvings in close proximity to the door over and over again gave one an idea about the signs of the Zodiac for the reason that the constellations of stars in the sky were very significant to farmers who didn’t have calendars to show them when to plant and when to harvest (Scott, 2003, p. 115).

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