Essay: The Social Role of the Arts in the Middle Ages

19 Oct

Essay: The Social Role of the Arts in the Middle Ages

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The middle age is an era in the European history between 476 AD and 1500. It started when the classical antiquity period ended, as a result of theRoman Empirecollapsing, and lasted until the Renaissance (Vauchez et al, 2000, pp. 819-1500).

Three Relationships between the Arts and Early Middle Ages Culture:

            The three relationships I could have explained to the students include; how the early middle ages art imitated the advancement of the Catholic religion in the West; how the
art style was denoted to as Byzantine Art; how there were countless religious art and how a good number of artists were members of religious houses hence the art was all about religion; and how there were no sculptures as these were well thought-out to be idolatry (Vauchez et al, 2000, pp. 819-1500).

I choose the there relationships because they mark the development of art in the early Middle Ages, as Europe resisted to repel successive waves of invasion.

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