Essay: Conflict between the Rich and the Poor

17 Oct

Essay: Conflict between the Rich and the Poor

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In the process of this economic regulation, citizens end up being the most marginalized, not even an opportunity to air their views. This discrimination is as a result of the complex issues and processes involved in the process where a single citizen would be of no significance.

For instance, a citizen who pays only $ 5 as water bill is considered of no consequence compared to that company that pays $ 1,000,000. As such, priorities of the one paying large sums of money are given special consideration at the detriment of the fewer citizens paying simple bills. At the far end of the scope, this case invites the conflict between the rich and the poor, it seems. In this light it can be argued and justifiably so that the regulation is administered not because citizens desire it, no; but because the regulated industry or company desire it.

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