Essay: Truancy is linked to criminology

19 Oct

Essay: Truancy is linked to criminology

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Truancy is linked to substance abuse, gang activity, and involvement in criminal activities such as burglary, auto theft, and vandalism. Students who have truancy problems in junior high and high school often demonstrated behavior and attendance problems in elementary programs (Ardoin, 2003). If schools are to overcome the truancy problem, they need to work in cooperation with parents and law enforcement in a non confrontational environment (Smith, 2003).

As a result, the problem of truancy is now a priority among school officials (Reid, 2003). In many districts, parents of the habitually absent will face sanctions of 60 days of community service and mandatory parenting classes (Thevenot, 2003). The parent and student will be prosecuted for truancy (Ritsch, 2002). City Police Departments will have a school truancy department that will fine parents for truant students (Johnston, 2003). Further, computerized swipe-card systems, which monitor pupils entering and leaving school each day, are in place across the states to address the widespread problem of truancy among middle and high school students (Oliver, 2002). Additionally, parents taking children on holiday trips without school permission would be fined (Smithers, 2003).

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