Essay: Student strength index (SSI)-web survey

12 Oct

Essay: Student strength index (SSI)-web survey

Sample Essay

Hayes (2007) proposes to use a quantitative methodology of research where data from participants are to be collected using a web survey. This survey involves the administering of the developed Student Strength Index (SSI). After the data collected then an analysis is carried out using SPSS and from this there will be an examination of the relationship between SSI and GRE composite scores with the variance for GGPA. From this form of analysis the expected outcomes are confirmations of the study’s hypotheses. As such the study is expected to confirm that nontraditional student’s motivation, interaction, execution and cognition are vital aspects which contribute to their success in graduate school.

The other hypothesis regard that there are no differences in nontraditional students’ competencies based on their gender or degree. The study will also confirm the conviction that SSI and GRE composite scores are important predictors of success in graduate school. These outcomes are consistent with Hayes’ (2007) conclusion that admissions into graduate school for nontraditional students should involve the consideration of motivational factors and not just GRE and UGPA results. Even though Hayes (2007, p.7) indicates that the study was limited in its lack of diverse participants the expected outcomes will be quite instrumental in fostering education opportunities for nontraditional graduates.

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