Essay: Self interest or egoistic inclinations

12 Oct

Essay: Self interest or egoistic inclinations

Sample Essay

Self-interest or egoistic inclinations have been used to determine the right or wrong in the world today. Unfortunately, every society seeks to maximize its well-being first and anything detrimental to that is never entertained. Here, the means are justified only if they lead to the desired good. For example, a country may decide to bomb another country to get capture some economic materials say minerals.

The country will careless whether some people may die as result of the explosion so long as they capture the minerals. Again, such egoistic tendencies discredit the possibility of philanthropy. It assumes that philanthropy is never pure in that the agents or subjects are moved by selfish ends. This, therefore, in the case of morality justifies an action as good if it promotes an inherent selfish interest. For example, a person who kills his colleagues so that s/he may inherit some property in order to become richer is justified from the point of view of the moral egoism.

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