Essay: Student strength index-reliability

12 Oct

Essay: Student strength index-reliability

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Hayes (2007) did not just adapt the TalentMine Index but took necessary precautions at ensuring its utmost reliability. This ensured that the derived Student Strength Index contained or the strengths of the TalentMine Index and none of its limitations. The researcher is keen in assessing the reliability of the specific items found in the instrument and their influence on the reliability of the overall instrument. In fact, this instrument was accorded sufficient reliability which had not been observed in the TalentMine Index. The development of this instrument is central to this research study and ensuring its reliability and validity comes into play in the analysis of research results. The reliable the designed tool the higher the validity and reliability of the overall research study.

Quantitative research methods are suitable for such a research study as the objective is to test the Student Strength Index’s capacity for determining graduate success. Hayes (2007) asserts that the obtained results from the survey are to be matched to the students’ test scores. This form of data collection provides the tangible data essential for formulating a correlation between the SSI, GRE test scores and the success of graduate students. Furthermore, the proposal details procedures for sampling of participants with great emphasis of ethical considerations. For the validity of any research study, it is crucial to consider matters of confidentiality and voluntary consent. It is important in order to ensure the implementation of the study without any negative legal repercussions. Indeed Hayes (2007) has made sure to include both consent and confidential clauses in the research hypothesis. As the sole researcher, the author has established her credibility at protecting the participant’s confidentiality and safeguarding the students’ records.

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