Essay: Student strength index-extensive literature

17 Oct

Essay: Student strength index-extensive literature

Sample Essay

A major strength for this research proposal is the extensive literature provided by the article. Hayes (2007) offers substantial evidence of the need for devising an alternative tool for measuring graduate success. In this bid the proposal initially provides a definition and understanding of the term nontraditional graduate student. The research examines previous researchers who have identified nontraditional students are those who embark on graduate studies after an inactive period of five years after their undergraduate studies.

They are also said to be older in comparison to traditional graduate students. It is crucial in every research to acknowledge previous studies as they provide a credible basis for the development of the current research ideas. In addition, the literature review carried out by Hayes (2007) has made it possible for the targeted audience to fully comprehend the overall intent and importance of the study. Of vital priority is the need to showcase how the existing measures for graduate success are unreliable. The GRE and UGPA results are reflected as unreliable in predicting the success of individuals in graduate school. As opposed to forming an assumption of this conclusion, Hayes (2007) has provided concrete evidence and indications from previous studies of the same. Apart from this, the researcher has provided a detailed explanation of the TalentMine Index which will be used in designing the Students Strength Index.

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