Essay: Strategies to facilitate a good relationship with media

12 Oct

Essay: Strategies to facilitate a good relationship with media

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However, there are other additional strategies to be employed by administrators to facilitate this desired good relationship. To this effect, interpersonal relationship with the media houses gives the administrator an added advantage towards cementing the relationship. Moreover, the aspect of giving quality, reliable, valid and honest information is key elements that can facilitate long-lasting relationship between school and the local media. While the media, should respond with high degree of integrity, honesty, and truthfulness for successfulness of this relationships.

In today’s world there are various crises that occur as a result of intensified competition in educational and economical environments, which amount pressure on the workforce to produce more over short period of time in order to compete effectively. Therefore, the school administrator must call a press conference and be honest and open to the journalists. During this moment the leaders should rehearse what to say in measurable and accurate terms or involve a spokesperson. Moreover, questioning by news reporters should be allowed to facilitate clarification of some contradicting issues. However, simplicity of the language and media standard should be adhered to together with earlier on mentioned techniques to address media school crisis

Integrating media relation with school marketing plan

The relationship built by the administrator creates a win-win situation, enabling media to market their schools programs, activities and events to the community. Evidently, incase of an error in the news or media presentation, the media usually receives a lot of criticism from the public. This amounted criticism from public in mass numbers is no doubt that media reaches large population. Therefore, media prove to be the best to promote school educational activities and programs. In this respect, administrator should focus to facilitate relationship building with student, local community, parents and stakeholders with insight of improving student performance.

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