Essay: State owned media

11 Oct

Essay: State owned media

Sample Essay

The focus on the primary goals of a state-owned media can be kept at the same time introduce entertainment programs that were not initially planned for. This can be seen in the case of DD which housed two operas in 1980’s (Fursich, 378) that had been slotted in by the broadcaster in its bid to go commercial. The themes of the opera the Hum Log was family planning, and women education ,topics  that cannot be said to be just for entertaining households but also educating them. The point here is that programs can be chosen so as to work in a two-pronged way, entertain the citizenry and educate them   (Kumar 30).

The coming into the Indian market by such private broadcasters as CNN and MTV can serve as an eye opener to the state-owned media in the third world into the insight of collaborative business contracts which will ultimately rid them of any financial problems that may result due to the state’s inability to fund them fully.

The localized transmittance of certain programs that appeal to the locals as in the case of India can greatly improve the markets of upcoming economies. The locals will be paying for the programs they like most and in return the state will easily achieve its goals. This is a noble initiative by the Indian broadcaster that should be adopted by the other third world nations. In this case, such issues as cultural conservation can easily be achieved because the localized transmittance serves persons with more or less the same cultural orientations.

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