Essay: Strategies necessary for a healthy relationship with media

17 Oct

Essay: Strategies necessary for a healthy relationship with media

Sample Essay

The information about School educational activities should reach the public, since they are stakeholders and key investors in education sector. Through informing the public, the public not only get to know better about the school’s academic information, but also get facts that are vital to account for their investment in education. Therefore, as administrators we are entitled to provide institution information to the public. In this way, the school brand sells to the public to enhance mutual cooperation with the community with its related benefits.

However, enhancing relationship with media precedes the marketing of school brand to the community; while strategies to facilitate required mutual relationship is priori to relationship. This is in the light that, educationists believe in planning and managing well the process is important than the outcome of the outcome. For instance, planning and managing well educational instruction to learners is important than the outcomes of learning. In this sense, the processes of panning and managing instructions determine the quality of instruction thereafter outcome of learning. In this line of thought, there must be good strategies that shall enhance a healthy relationship with the local media before using their services to school benefits.

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