Essay: Strategies to enhance a healthy school

10 Oct

Essay: Strategies to enhance a healthy school

Sample Essay

The following are strategies to be used to enhance a healthy school – local media relationship. This happens through the administrator’s responsibility to dispense vital information and commentaries that are part required to build up local and international news coverage. These strategies apply both to radio, TVs channels and printed media like magazines and newspapers.

Advertising in local media: According to Padgett, (2007), considers the way to enhance a strong relationship with media is through contributing to their sustenance through being supportive. Therefore, the school shall identify this principle to be a bonding instrument between media and school. In this regard, the school shall make its advertisements about opening dates, enrolment announcement, staff vacancies, activities and new programs through local media especially radio due to its coverage. In other words, the school shall be business supportive to local media by giving media news it require and definitely the media shall reciprocate.

Writing for media: The media plays an active role of dispensing of the information to the public. However, instead of waiting for that information, it is better to be part of that information through contributing news stories, headlines, debate and commentaries. Through this the media will rely and count on the school as a viable resource contributing to social, academic and professional issues. This can be done by write to newspaper editor, writing a specific column, developing a story to be covered in news or events which are oriented towards better student education.

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