Essay: School marketing strategies

11 Oct

Essay: School marketing strategies

Sample Essay

The school marketing strategy cannot target all the audience reached by media though all shall have equal access to the promotional materials. Therefore, the marketing strategy design shall involve segmentation techniques. To this effect, school shall only identify group of individuals with educational needs that can be met by school to have an exchange with (Glick, Kupiec, 2001, p. 203). These involve parents, educational organizations, youth population like generation Y and all stakeholders in education. Thus, material design by the media shall target this segment to maximize marketing inputs. To emphasis on this point, the school shall develop strong branding in accordance with education success culture enhancement.

The media comes in the marketing plan strategy through its vital role of dispensing information to the public. Hence, the school marketing plan developed shall be forwarded to the media to publicize it to the community owing to the strong established relationship between school and media. In this connection, Media promotes the school, programs, and events, basically free advertisement, while the media gets what it wants, news. This facilitates the school to sale its vision, special upcoming events like open house, student and staff vacancies, celebrations, and public awareness of educational achievement. The information presented to the media for promotion should reflect the audience, timing, conducted market research, SWOT analysis (Hitt, 2001, p. 200).

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