Essay: Techniques of creating a healthy school environment

10 Oct

Essay: Techniques of creating a healthy school environment

Sample Essay

Developing and sharing photo gallery with media: Newspapers, magazines and TV channels always look for importation pictures to publish or show on their media. Therefore, when school have developed academic or social picture gallery the media shall deem it fit to collaborate with school to obtain this images for their stories. Thus, school shall keep in touch with media house and that is fundamental to relationship support and sustainability.

Thank you certificates: In any relationship, it is a good and reputable practice to acknowledge good service between the parties. Therefore, media relationship with school is not an exception to this rule. Thus, the school administrator should always acknowledge good service and relationship as a whole provided by local media. Thank you certificates provide the best opportunity to appreciate and build relationship. Crucially, thank you certificates should be of considerate size to be displayed by media in their foyer.

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