Essay: Recent protest in Egypt-minimal economic downturns

12 Oct

Essay: Recent protest in Egypt-minimal economic downturns

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Egypt is among a few countries in Africa that have experienced minimal economic downturns. The country has enjoyed strong economic environment since independence. This is substantiated by the fact that Egypt was among the first African countries to sit in different international organization such as the UN (Al-Jazeera English). We can therefore assume that its citizens were not under much pressure from harsh economic conditions but rather comparisons with other advanced nations made them wish to be like them. Protesting for more comfortable living standards indicate that Egyptians wanted a more leisurely and flamboyant life.

This demand by Egyptian is an indicator that the regime was capitalistic. Weber points at traditional attitudes such as desire for leisure and tendencies to spend regardless of considering investment as vital opponents to capitalistic regimes these traditional behaviors as Weber refers to them are very detrimental to capitalists as they depend on what comes from their contradictions to thrive. Weber further reveals that the inertia that traditionalism comes with cohesively impedes expansion of capitalism as labor in itself in an overriding factor in protestant ethics.

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