Essay: Recent protest in Egypt-Nature and value of things

12 Oct

Essay: Recent protest in Egypt-Nature and value of things

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Citizens have accused Egyptian government severally over the issue of cooperating so much with the United States. Being largely a Muslim state, Egypt views America as an enemy to Muslims because of America’s involvement in the Middle East. Egyptians therefore had to dispel fears that their country was being governed indirectly by a foreign nation thus interfering with it sovereignty which is not their will. The general spit of pragmatism best explains this decision by Egyptians. The goal to liberate Egypt from American ties that Mubarak had established, best suits the definition of pragmatism as a second to none measure to free the will of the people. Recent years had seen Egypt receive a lot of aid from the US government indicating that a cordial relationship was existing between the two.

American aid to the country for assisting in monitoring peace between Israel and Palestine is not valuable according to the people since it is injurious to their sovereignty. Durkheim’s Pragmatism & the Question of Truth reveals that it is not what things are that makes them important but their value. Determining value hierarchies of different things only fall on the hands of the people and therefore showing that whatever the reasons were behind Americas donations, their worthiness were in first place more important to Egyptians than their value.

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