Essay: Recent protest in Egypt-Infinite nature of thinking

12 Oct

Essay: Recent protest in Egypt-Infinite nature of thinking

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Another main reason for Egyptian protest was call for free and fair elections. Holding onto power by Mr. Mubarak amid all the kinds opposition obviously indicated that unfair means to cling to presidency were probable. The people of Egypt were advocating for a chance to express individual views on leadership they wanted through the ballot. From Durkheim’s point of view, individual mind have no restrictions in thinking meaning that thinking is infinite and that it is not possible for everyone to think in a similar manner at the same time.

The Egyptian regime failed in the sense that elections were not done in a free and fair manner to allow citizens express individual views about leadership. Durkheim further ascertains that every mind is free to choose whatever it thinks is okay within it depending on the way it views it. Poor election systems in Egypt that kept Mubarak in power for over 30 years seem to deny the nations mind to exercise this freedom therefore triggering the protests.

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