Essay: Recent protest in Egypt-failure to avail the truth

12 Oct

Essay: Recent protest in Egypt-failure to avail the truth

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Failure to avail the truth cause upheaval within any society just like it recently happened in Egypt. One question that however arises from such reasons to protest is why the public has had to change their mind yet the same government has governed them over a long time? Well, Durkheim believed that truth has several variations that will obviously change or vary with time. Egypt’s protests saw an unprecedented change in political ideologies and beliefs turning Hosni Mubarak into an insincere president cum politician. Durkheim asserts that truth can be regarded as truth at certain moments and as lies at another time even if the subject matter is the same.

One clear fact from deteriorated economic status as a reason for the protest is that the people believed in their regime earlier when economic realities were different. Therefore, the government could take good care of its citizens. One wonders why Mubarak had to approach leadership in the same fashion as he did many years ago understanding very well that the reality had changed. Durkheim argues that when reality and truth are in the same basket and reality evolves with time, the truth ceases to be the truth.

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