Essay: Pharmaceutical Profession

17 Oct

Essay: Pharmaceutical Profession

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Studies have shown that 29 percent of all pharmaceutical jobs in the world are professional related (Rennekamp, 2011). This means that not anybody from a general field of practice can successively engage in such fields. This situation has resulted in massive enrolment in professional courses that allow one to practice in this field. It s estimated that the pharmaceutical profession will grow by about 26.1 percent by the year 2014. Researchers have found out that profession growth programs are the best to tackle the problem.

Rennekamp, (2011), review the fact that more than 60 percent of all workers in this field hold bachelors degrees implying that they are not fully fledged to practice. The American bureau of labor statistics recommended continued education, a strategy that controlled the problem of under qualified professionals. Most industries were seen to provide classroom training in various technological advances in areas such as quality control. Numerous seminars and research vacations enabled many young professionals to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to practice in the field. Individual career status was also improved thus improving self-reputation as a professional.

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