Essay: Conflicts in the World of Interaction

17 Oct

Essay: Conflicts in the World of Interaction

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Conflicts have existed and continue to exist between people in the today’s world of interaction. Simply because whenever people interacts there is diversity in culture, social and perceptions that triggers emergency of the ideas, styles, standards, value and circumstances from which conflicts arises.Therefore, in this perspective conflicts emerges from the ideologies, prejudices, competition, sensitivity and offence, habits and aspirations. To summarize the causes of conflicts in human interaction at work, can be in terms of three causes; aspirations, offended egos and misunderstandings. However once the conflict occur, there is only way towards that conflict which is to resolve the conflict (Naumann 2002).

In this regard, this paper shall examine the situation of John, student and Bob conflict and give a possible solution to the out of the crisis. This shall be done in accordance and relating to the theories and models of conflict management in Human Resources. In order to do this efficiently and effectively, the paper shall b in different sections that analyses the nature of the conflict. These sections shall comprise of; description of the scenario, conflict classification, the key plays identification and their perception, conflict major issues. Whereby key strategies to be used for resolving the conflict shall be identified and lastly is how the conflict resolution strategies can be implemented successfully.

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