Essay: Failure in studies

12 Oct

Essay: Failure in studies

Sample Essay

For the learning to be comfortable in learning institution, the effort of the student and an individual is required to make it to be successfully. Failure in one will leads to the crumbling of the other one. In social learning the instructor needs to be very imaginative and creative.

This involves coming up with new examples in class (Thorndike, 1999). Demonstration using the projectors skits and use of gesture are important in conveying of information to the student. Instruction aids making learning to be real and will improve the realism that motivates and challenges the student. Instructors are therefore required to make use of all the sense when delivering the message. The senses are taste, smell, perception and rhythm, this makes learning interesting in the class (Seligman 2000, p.407).

The principle of freedom is crucial in learning. Students harbor some of the important point but they fear to articulate them in class because of the fear. Creation of an environment of freedom ensures that the students are free to give statement as longer as they are not offending anyone.

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