Essay: Conflict Scenario Description

17 Oct

Essay: Conflict Scenario Description

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The conflict scenario in this case has to be seen in terms of the source of the conflict. In this sense, conflicts usually arise from problematic states. These problematic states that lead to conflicts on human social environment in the work places can be classified into two areas.

These two categories are as follows; the first and foremost is those conflicts that arises from the individuals’ affective state. This includes hostility, frustration, struggle and anxiety (Rogers 2004). While the second category of the problematic states that leads to conflict occurrence is the behavioural states of individuals from the passive resistance to open aggression, without forgetting secrecy, pettiness.

In this case the core source of the conflict has originated from the behavioral which have been extrapolated with the individual affective states. For instance Bob’s behavior of staying too late wit the students is seen as the core cause of the problem. While the student a individual affective state aggravates the conflict. However the conflict takes a further dimension by involving the entire recruitment team and the firm (Cândea 2008). This is in the light that if Bob could have not overstayed and drunk with the student, sexual harassment or gender based effect could not have been factored in easily. But because the he overstays and propositions the female student it becomes difficult for the team and Bob to get away with easily.

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