Essay: Professional Growth Plans in Japan

17 Oct

Essay: Professional Growth Plans in Japan

Sample Essay

Professional Growth Plans in Japan teaching program have shown tremendous improvements in students performance when taught by teaches that have undertaken Professional Growth courses (Extension Committee on Organization and Policy, 1992, p. 48). These studies revealed that these teachers are able to understand modern technologies and different approaches that work better within japans education system. Over 200 studies in Japan have proved that the use of skillful teachers is the easiest way to boost student performance with the skilled teachers posting six times better students compared to ordinary teacher with basic teaching techniques.

This study showed that teachers who work together in teamwork had their pupils perform mach better that those taught by individual tutors. This proved the fact that profession growth programs instill the culture of teamwork in professionals therefore making their output great. The committee report ( 53) singles out Veteran teachers as who posted a better result implying that being in the profession for long; they must have acquired more skills through Professional Growth education programs compared to their juniors. The research further revealed that learning institutions that allowed their staff to pursue further training had better performance when compared to the rest.

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