Essay: Conflict Players

17 Oct

Essay: Conflict Players

Sample Essay

The key players of the conflict are Bob, John and the student. The other recruitment team comes in as an association of these three major players. On this context, each of the players has his or her role in the conflict build up.

Furthermore, each one has a role to play in its resolution.  First and foremost, Bob is the key player of the conflict whom s from him all the causes have emerged. In this regard, Bob’s behaviour, perception and intent about the student are questionable.  In other words, Bob is at the centre stage for the conflict.

The student’s desire, interest, values and targets are too coming in to build the conflict. She stays with Bob till late with (Greco 2005), intend of being employed and enjoy the drinks with Bob. She fuels and blows up the whole conflict that extends to other team mates of John. On the other hand John is moderator of the situation whose attempts to rescue the situation at the early stage of its development fail. This failure is due to the hierarchical nature of organizational leadership. Whereby he could not intervene into the conflict is a perceptual given of life but people have varying perceptions.

These perceptions vary from negativity situation that needs avoidance, while other perceives conflicts as a phenomenon that necessitates management. All this views can not be neither accepted nor rejected, but can be investigated according to the situation. Therefore in this case that involves a conflict between John, Bob and a student is not exception of the situations and circumstances of controversial conflicts that needs to be handled situation and moment of his boss yet he is a junior official. Although john oversaw the risk it posed could not intervene effectively.

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