Essay: Usefulness of Competencies in International HRM

17 Oct

Essay: Usefulness of Competencies in International HRM

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When we measure the usefulness of competencies in international HRM, there is emergence of two categories according to Robotham and Jubb (1996) and McCauley (1994). In his work (Richard 1982), states that the distinctions arrived at basing on the usefulness of measuring competencies gives high-performance and threshold competences. Whereby, high performance competences encompass behaviors that are associated with individuals who perform their jobs at a superior level, while threshold competences are units of behavior which are used by job holders, and are not considered being linked to superior performance of an organization.

In the UAE (United Arabs Emirate) especially in Dubai, Richard (1998) suggested that skill base within UAE organizations could no longer keep pace with then developing business climate in Dubai and UAE community at large. Therefore, to respond to the report, this paper shall discuss the American competence model to UAE organizations where competence is recognized in the form of job-specific outcomes. This shall agitate that competence is judged on performance of an individual in a specific job role.

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