Essay: Lack of Comprehensive Professional Growth Plans

17 Oct

Essay: Lack of Comprehensive Professional Growth Plans

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Lack of Comprehensive Professional Growth Plans have remains a total let down in many organizations. Most of such entities lack or have poor strategic approaches to Comprehensive professional growth mechanisms that limit their workers from achieving professional experience. This has resulted into poor performance and job insecurity occasioned by subsequent changes of places of work, with professional opting for organizations that enable the grow career-wise (Rennekamp, 2011). One of such organizations is the Kentucky cooperative in the US. This organization is committed to ensuring that its employees are well equipped with the latest skills that enables them work better.

The institution has most of its policies drafted in manner that they focus on the future rather than what they see in the present. Studies show that the cooperative has gone on record in ensuring that its new employees undergo thorough orientation programs that secure them better familiarity with what they are expected to do. The organization further subjects it employees into numerous introductory sessions that familiarize them with it numerous administrative facets which they articulate to thereafter (Rennekamp, 2011). This cooperative have reported tremendous improvement in it employees and therefore making huge profits. The cooperative allows it employees to enroll in graduate courses and also encourage them to use the technology in distance learning. This has enabled its workers to acquire the latest professional skills and knowledge again improving the output of the organization. Workshops form one of the major events in the companies annual calendar. Rennekamp (2011) cites that these arrangements have enabled the company equip its employees with the relevant knowledge and skill from other competitive organizations. This has been attributed to the fact that is employees have been trained of better information acquisition skills from other workers.

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