Essay: Conflict Issues Identification

17 Oct

Essay: Conflict Issues Identification

Sample Essay

The major conflict issues in relation to the dispute arise from various perspectives. According to human relation model, states that conflicts are generated when there is interpersonal relation that is established between persons with different personalities, mentalities, objectives, education, gender, behaviours and value systems. Therefore in this case study, human relation model plays a major role in offering a helping hand towards identifying core issues underlying the conflict.

 In this sense the relation that was exhibited between Bob and the student had no common level foundation. This is in terms of educational achievements, position in the society, gender differences and behaviour expectations. Additionally, the fact that the student was a female she can use the gender difference to exhibit a conflict (Kramer 2001).

On the other hand through using the structural conflict model, which refers to the surrounding favouring condition that facilitates or fuels up the conflict; another issue is uncovered. In this sense the, the two parties to the conflict usually manifests certain behavioural predispositions within each conflict episode. This is because the disputing parties usually act under certain pressures and constraint that lead eventuality of a conflict episode. This is so especially when the parties are under social or substances like drugs or alcohol influence.

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