Essay: America open to all races and ethnic groups

14 Oct

Essay: America open to all races and ethnic groups

Sample Essay

During the olden days, American country was open to all races and ethnic groups. All the people from the whole world were able to freely enter and interact with the people. This was some years in the 1800’s. However, the 20th century events in America changed this situation and led to the emergence of clashes between ethnic groups and racial groups. Due to this, a cultural phenomena characterized by prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination resulted. The mostly affected groups by this wave were the minority ethnic and racial groups in America.

These groups experienced all forms of discrimination arising from the impact of several stereotypes and prejudices occasioned to the groups. This essay therefore seeks to address issues concerned with stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination and how these affected the minority groups in America. The essay will have a particular interest to the impact of these phenomena to the African Americans and the Asian Americans in America over history.

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