Essay: Rise in minority groups in America

19 Oct

Essay: Rise in minority groups in America

Sample Essay

In the recent years, America has witnessed an unpronounced rise in the number of minority ethnic groups. This has drastically changed the demographics of the country. However, due to the increase in races and ethnic groups in the country, ethnicity and racism cases have increased with issues such as prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes becoming a common phenomenon. Despite the calls for the embracement of the multicultural and multiethnic nature in America, the minority groups have continued to suffer in the hands of the white Americans. Discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping continue to spread throughout the country (Massey, 1999).

Though most groups have been advocating for equality in all aspects in the country, minority groups such as the black Americans and the Asian Americans continue to be discriminated, prejudiced and stereotyped. The increased occurrence of discrimination and prejudice has been due to the resurgence of the common American nativism that has arisen due to the way the white American perceive the growing populations of black Americans and Asian  Americans (Massey, 1999).

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