Essay: Sterilization in America

18 Oct

Essay: Sterilization in America

Sample Essay

The concept of Sterilization processes and procedures in the US are centered on the notion of the Eugenics, which is a word adopted from America’s lexicon after World War II (Mill 2006; Lombardo2008). Ideally, Eugenics refers to the science of improving the human race through controlled breeding. Adoption of the practices of Eugenics and sterilization in the US found its way in around 20th century when America was at moment driven by an ideology of progress and science, while at the same time the American society was obsessed with reproduction.

Therefore, Eugenic sterilization in this sense was seen by its proponents as a panacea against the skyrocketing trend of degeneracy (Selden1999). Thus, through adopting sterilization for the US, the Eugenicists believed and figured it out that sterilization in the form of surgical solution would definitely bring about a new American utopia based on race, science and progress as opposed to Christianity. Unfortunately in the event of sterilizing Americans, a total of 70,000 Americans (Lombardo 2002) were sterilized against their will.

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