Essay: Alteration of biological bodies

14 Oct

Essay: Alteration of biological bodies

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Cyborgs is a term used to describe human beings who have had their biological bodies altered, enhanced, substituted, extended or changed by use of electrical and artificial devices.

Cyborg is a  short form of science fiction “cybernetic organisms” that the future human beings will have more artificial body parts with digital technology supplements whereby natural body parts are being replaced by computerized systems.  A cyborg is a cybernetic organism, it consist of hybrid machine and organism with a reality of a social creature (Anzia, 2007).

A cyborg is an artificial and man made system designed to control portions of human mechanisms that have been externally modified by use of drugs and regulatory devices.  A cyborg is described as a deliberate incorporation of exogenous mechanism which extends the self-regulatory control functioning of the organism in order for the body to adapt to new environmental changes. It is a concept of process in which human machinery is merged (Clark, 2003). Physiological functioning of a cyborg person is dependent on artificial devices and technological components integrated on the body mechanism system. The cyborg person in modern society is perceived to be an organism that is in possession of technological enhanced abilities in his mechanism system. Cyborg is an anatomical theory of modem architecture; the concept is an architectural since it provides spaces that celebrate and glorify technology to the point that humans are almost forgotten. (Ferguson, 2001)

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