Research Population for the report on women in leadership

Sample Essay

Three hundred people were used as the research sample in the research process. The population had a clear reflection of very different groups of people. The dynamics in the research sample was vital as it helped in the capturing of the divergent views and needs of both and women to the issues related to women and men in leadership and the how best to balance leadership and women.

In order to understand how women leaders have managed to overcome gender bias, the three hundred people, mainly from Norway were sampled and their views critically analyzed so as to better come up with more reliable findings. Indeed it is vital to critically to evaluate the various positions taken by researchers into the traits exhibited by successful women leaders. Further, it will be prudent to examine how women leaders have overcome gender bias. These two issues are an important area of study whose result may offer a model for women aspiring to positions of leadership in the public and private sector.

The population of interest for the study was the women in different professional professions. Additionally, members of this population have completed a number of leadership training and forums at both the community and national levels. Approximately three quarters of the total population sampled is made up of women with a few men being sampled too. The sampling of men’s views is crucial as it enabled the research findings on women and leadership to be analyzed from the men’s point that may not be biased. However, due to the limited number of available participants and in order to collect enough data points, participants were not randomly selected. All participants completed the survey on a voluntary basis, and no one was approached without a command representative granting prior approval to the researcher.

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