Essay: The National Military Family Association

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Statement of Joyce Wessel Raezer Director, Government Relations THE NATIONAL MILITARY FAMILY ASSOCIATION: by NMFA Inc. march 2003. (Available at


The article acknowledges there is a problem in the military family life that needs to be addressed in order to facilitate effectiveness of the Soldiers combat readiness and battle field performance. The article points out a number of issues that greatly affects the military family in regard to mission readiness and children welfare. The issues presented when viewed in perspective of the single parenthood poses double tragedy to building of a successful, efficient and effective army.

Article summary

The article points out the need to curb the military-family issues such as Supporting Families for Readiness, whereby there is an estimated 6 percent of military members being single parents, constituting 3 percent of Marines to 8 percent of Army members. Thus the supporting family readiness of single parents in military enhances Family Readiness in Time of War, since the military family’s lifeline and its community usually feels the strain.

This discomfort does not give morale for soldiers to be motivated and be at easy. The other core issue of the article is directed to the support needed for children of the soldiers. It highlights the Support for the Schools that Support our Children and, National Guard and Reserve Families in order to eliminate the negative impact single parent military have on their readiness to meet the Mission

Article analysis                                                            

The articles proves to be a useful source of information to my research in a view that provides the universal military needs needed to be addressed with a bearing to the single parents. In its presentation the article strongly points out the need for the single parent support in order to enhance their family life growth and their readiness to meet the mission. The article provides general information to all interested stakeholders researching on military-family issue and how they affect the army performance.

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