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The basic reason why the American Military is recruiting more is that the need for human resources is highly and sharply elevating and the government wants to speed up the welfare work in the countries that had been the center of war for a decade. America enjoys a central significant position on the globe, and for this reason, the United States of America is prone to terrorism and security concerns. Ever since the terroristic attacks on September 11, 2001 the security concerns and military standing is playing a crucial role along with the government of America. The candid way of American policies declaring war against terror for a decade has crafted a new history of American Voluntary Military after the war of Vietnam (Borcherding, 195-196). Iraq and Afghanistan as a matter of fact are the two countries leading towards stability by the help of the American Voluntary Military. With the changing and expanding job roles of the American Military, the army is oriented towards high-scale recruitments with special recruitment terms unlike that of regular recruitment. For this reason, the allied armed forces are adapting two ways (Cohen). The first one is the recruitment of the people who are willing to join the army under their predetermined spirit of patriotism and humanity along with a desire to save the future generations from the curse of terrorism; these are mostly acknowledged as the All American Voluntary Military. Similarly, the second category is the one that has no predetermined intention to join the army, but yet joining the army is their obligation because the government has enlisted them and they are obligated to act upon it, and these are regarded as the Forced American Voluntary Military.
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