Essay: Marketing Mix for Domino Pizza

Sample Essay – Marketing Mix for Domino Pizza

The marketing mix for Domino Pizza is very helpful in making the firm very successful.

  • Product: the products in the table above are marketed according to the store’s location. This left Sardines and Deluxe Chicken in the East; Chicken Pudina in Mumbai; Makhani Paneer, Butter chicken, and Chatpata Chana in the North; and Chicken Chettinad and Mutton Ghongura in the South.
  • Price: Initially, the price offered was related to the value of the product, but due to competition from Pizza Hut, discounts and price cuts have been imposed, leaving a large pizza for only Rs.129/-.
  • Place: Domino has more than 8,999 stores worldwide, with the stores strategically located.
  • Promotion: Domino’s uses sales promotion and advertising, including personal selling, publicity and promotional education.
  • People: the employees are well trained to handle the customers in the stores.
  • Process: orders are handled with efficiency, customers are satisfied and the orders are delivered in time

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