Essay: Research Methodology on Women in Leadership

17 Oct

Essay: Research Methodology on Women in Leadership

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The methodology used in this research contains the use of primary and the secondary methods of data collection.  The primary method depends on collecting data from Emirate Airline Company concerning their employed marketing strategy with the aim of reaching the customers satisfaction. Customer opinion was also collected and fully incorporated throughout the research process. Various views of different stakeholders have also been put into consideration. Questionnaires’ administration played a very crucial role in ensuring that potential respondents who were different locations and who could not be reached easily (physically) could still participate in the research process.

In order fully identify the existing loopholes in women leadership and the challenges which women face in their effort to get opportunities to lead. Views from a number of sources have collected, analyzed and fully interpreted in order to ensure that proper the various challenges faced by women are understood and possible recommendations made in that line. In order for the researcher to achieve cohesiveness in the research conclusions reached and the acceptance and easy implementation of the research finding, direct interview and filling of questionnaires was done (Falk & Kenski, 2003). This was important since it gave the researcher a great opportunity for the vital information and findings made from the previous researches to be studied and vital findings used in this research (Vroom & Sternberg, 2002, pp.301-323). In addition to that, the choice of interviews was targeted at ensuring that strategic people in the in all related aspects of women leadership aspects gave their views.

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