Essay: Population Sample of inequalities in gaming

20 Oct

Essay: Population Sample of inequalities in gaming

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After an analysis of the viable methods of data collection, this study decided to employ discussions and questionnaires through gaming forums. This was because of the realization that use of the questionnaires alone would undermine the rate of response. In order to validate the data collected, respondents were randomly picked from the forum and contacted through personal messaging system. In this, they were requested to review the researchers posting on the forum and respond accordingly.

In addition, they were requested to request their friends to review the posting too. This created a snowball effect, ensuring that the data collected was sufficient and came from credible sources. The discussion on the forum was also very resourceful. Information got from both sources were merged and contrasted with that information provided in the literature review in order to provide a general picture regarding how Lara Croft and video gaming mirror the inequalities in the criminal justice system.

All respondents that answered all questions were included in the sampling frame and used in analysis. The inclusion of all respondents in the sampling frame was out of need to improve on the levels of representation of the data and to capture the varied views and thus develop a picture that was representative of what gamers view as issues involved in the research question. A total of 100 questionnaires were analyzed. Although the initial aim was to have an equal representation of both male and female gamers, this was not possible because of the fact that the industry was male dominated. Therefore, only thirty questionnaires were filled by female respondents.

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