Essay: Tobacco reduces schizophrenia

18 Oct

Essay: Tobacco reduces schizophrenia

Sample Essay

After Kylie, stops taking her medication as expected her mental health starts to deteriorate since she is not getting the required professional psychological therapy that would help her regain her mental composure. Her boyfriend seems to be worsening the situation by allowing himself to have a fight with her instead of giving her the courage to fight on.

Since most of these patients are socially incapacitated, the governments should be financially supportive to these patients for they will be in a position to live in harmony in the society.  Though tobacco reduces the effects of schizophrenia it ought to be understood that one should not be encouraged to start smoking. This is because cigarette smoking has more severe side effects in the long term than schizophrenia. Since people suffering from this condition have higher chances of committing suicide they ought to be counseled and encouraged to live positively in order to reduce their chances of suicide (Palmer,  Pankratz, & Bostwick, 2005).

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