Essay: Preventing Alzheimer’s disease: fact or fiction

18 Oct

Essay: Preventing Alzheimer’s disease: fact or fiction

Sample Essay

The prevalence is Alzheimer’s disease is significantly increasing in theUnited States. Currently, the population of those with this disease stands at 4.5 million with an estimated increase of between 11 and 16 million in the next fifty years. In addition, explosive changes in technology would result in a great challenge in reflecting the mildest forms of cognitive deficit. The amyloid plaque in the brain remains the hallmark pathology of Alzheimer’s disease and the amyloid cascade, provides targets for interventions. The main aim of the interventions is to reduce damage resulting from amyloid plaque burden (Grossman & Dyk., 2008, p.887).

Significant positive approaches have been made, pivotal to the identification of symptomatic treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and the identification of conditions associated with increased treatment risks. The success of true prevention is however considered as fictitious as there is less data to support the claim that the aforementioned risks reduce the incidences of AD. Several advantages can be drawn from focusing on the prevention of the disease; first, it would expand the period of high quality of life in aging populations, a delay of onset of the disease by one year would significantly reduce its prevalence rate, and costs associated with the disease would be minimized (Grossman & Dyk, 2008, p.888).

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