Essay: Elements of schizophrenia

Sample Essay There are no physical elements of schizophrenia, as the person suffering from the disease does not have any physical deformities or symptoms; however it is possible for the patient to suffer from social withdrawal, not being comfortable around other people as well as becoming an introvert. The emotional elements of the disease pertain to the patient having difficulty in expressing his or her emotions while suffering from impairment in which they are unable to feel pleasure as well. (Comer, 2006) The patient also suffers from mood swings, most particularly of them going into deep bouts of depression. The cognitive element of the disease is that the person suffers from the inability to perform cognitive function like processing information, understanding what is happening around them and even performing simple tasks which may require cognitive activity. A child of a parent having schizophrenia has a 10 percent chance of having the same disease. Generally in the population, a person having the disease of schizophrenia has a total 1 percent risk of suffering form the mental disease.
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