Essay: FedEx Corporation

Sample Essay The Federal Express Corporation is a courier and postal service provider. The company has been able to create a leadership position for itself pertaining urgent and overnight deliveries. The business was initiated with the mission to produce superior and financial returns for its shareholders. Aside from this the company has been focuses on providing high-quality value added logistics and transportation services to its customers. The company has also included in its mission to conduct its corporate activities according to highest standards of professionalism and ethics. The main key points of the corporate governance strategy of the FedEx Corporation include transparency in its business and financial transaction, as well as the clearly outlined definition of the responsibilities of the board members, employees, and managers in the company. Corporate governance is also used to provide for how the staff at the Fed Ex corporations shares responsibilities and rights. A code of conduct has been developed which is focused on providing the best value of products and services to customers while operating in an ethical manner. The image of the company is established by its brand and its efficiency. The company has a very strong brand image which provided the corporation with an advantage over its competitors. However, the main competitors of the FedEx Corporation are United Postal Service (UPS) in America and Royal Mail in Europe. UPS does not have a higher reputation than FedEx however it does earn a higher margin o its sales. The Royal Mail enjoyed a monopoly in Europe till the year 2006, however, now new entrants have also entered the market and their reputation in terms of competition still needs to be established.
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