Essay: McDonalds Corporation

Sample Essay The McDonalds Corporation is a fast food retail chain which has been operating in the diverse market around the world. The company has been very successful in establishing its global operations in the international market. While most of the restaurants that come under the McDonalds umbrella are franchises of its burger and fast-food chain, the company also owns a separate brand name called ‘The Boston Market’ which heads a different line of restaurants. Aside from this the company also has a major shareholding in Pret a Manger, Piles Café as well as Chipotle Mexican Grill. The company is now also entering the DVD rental market. The headquarters for the McDonalds Corporation is located at Oak Brook, Illinois in the United States. The fast-food chain offers counter and drive-through service. In the crowded downtowns of the major countries, the company also operates as a walkthrough.  The general product offering of the company includes burgers, milkshakes, French fries, soft drinks, and desserts. The company however has now started offering meal deals, salads and fruits as well.
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