Essay: Meditech Company Issues and Solutions

Sample Essay The problems that are being faced by the Meditech Company can be fixed by implementing a centralized and integrated supply chain management system for the Meditech Company. An example of a company using supply china management system to manage its inventories is that of Permstar which uses the Kinaxis based rapid response planning engine. “In April 2006, they decided to use RapidResponse which offers the constant monitoring of their supply chain while allowing quick responses to events.  The new software also paved the way to a better process since it required close coordination between program managers, planners and buyers” (SanFilippo, 2006) In order to be effective this system would need to be implemented on the side of the Meditech Company as well as at the end of the affiliates and the dealers who are the clients of the company as well. This supply management system would enable the dealers and the affiliates to place an order for the products in real-time based on their actual demand and inventory of products. Additionally the company can change its inventory management policies which will help it decrease costs of managing inventory and wastage (Xiaoming & Sridharan, 2008). A point can be set by the management in the system, at which a triggered order would be automatically placed for the procurement of introduction phase-based new products as well as the established products on the part of the dealers and the affiliates.
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