Essay: Operations of USPS

Sample Essay The kind of mail that is being sent through the USPS includes greeting cards, postcards, letters of correspondence. The kinds of mail that are being sent through the USPS in 2007 pertain to the correspondence between citizens and government bodies with the population. Aside from this the corporations also make use of the postal service to send bulk letters, pamphlets, and memos. The USPS is also handling the courier of parcels and packages for government and corporate clients. However, their clients use both private couriers’ services as well as USPS. The out-of-road and remote towns still tend to use the USPS, however, this is mostly for delivery of noncritical items and mails. The people in the rural and remote locations of theUnited States also tend to make use of specialized courier services like Federal Express and Western Union for the transfer of money and critical items. However, if the company USPS does not take any action, regarding attracting the customers and providing them with an up-to-date and diverse portfolio of services, then it is possible that the company may have very limited clientele left. The only people who would be utilizing USPS in the future would be the corporations and the government societies and businesses who would be looking for a discounted method of sending bulk mail. However, even the size of these contracts would be limited due to the adoption of technology by the business in the economies around the world. No, the other hand if the company is to adopt technology then it is possible for the company to handle mail, courier, and message/parcel delivering service in real-time from the internet as well as on the grounds.
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