Essay: What is Determinism

Sample Essay Determinism is the phenomenon proposed by psychology which states that all actions and events that take place including the human decision-making and comprehension process are derived by a chain of prior occurrences. It also pertains to the thesis which depicts that for every action at a given time, there exists only one future. The concept deals with determining whether the actions taken by a person are caused by free will. The basic aim of the field of psychology is to be able to determine what drives people to do certain things and how their cognitive systems perform and interpret these actions. According to Gill and Bohnert all the actions that are performed and taken up by any human being are triggered by stimuli. There is no Freewill behind these actions as unknown to us we tend to get triggered by the environment in order to make a decision regarding action and activity. The reason for this is that if the actions were performed without any chain of events or stimuli triggering the behavior and the psychological process in the human being then all events would be unpredictable. This is not the case in real life where predictions can be made about the behavior of humans by understanding how they employ decision-making techniques and what criteria is prioritized in their minds.
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